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As Eric Burdon and The Animals used to sing,
I spent most of my time experimenting loads of foolish things which drove my parents crazy.

Always punished and forced to stay in my bedroom I had nothing left to do but kill time by streching my imagination: reproducing Nirvana's Cds Artworks on my walls, simulating 8-bit video games on small-squared graph paper or sculpting Saint Seya's characters made of polystyrene that was secretly picked up in the garage.
All of them ended dramaticaly in some wasteland
where my closest friends and I loved to create
our own Burning Man event.

My folks felt powerless but wanted the best for me so we thought about how to channel this creative energy.
In 1996, I entered St Luc Arts Institute (Belgium).

Stève de Groote,
Senior Art Director since 2006,
I am an expert in Interface Design & Interactive Experience.

Based in Nantes, (44) FRANCE.

HELLOOO ! - steve@heywemake.com

Credits photos : Emi Arii ©2018 Code by : Manu Lechat

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